When The Blinding Light Reveals by Angana Bharali Das. Artwork by Prachi Popat.

“My mother is not used to live-in relationships,” Sunil says. I try to be high-minded about it. I could not...

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Artwork by Prachi Popat.
Fanfiction Is For Everyone: Take Your Pick by Bhavini Arora. Artwork by Prachi Popat.

The fandom began with Star Trek fans creating and exploring Kirk and Spock’s potential romantic relationship, and fanfiction has only...

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Scientist Turned Author: Meet Indira Chandrasekhar by Michelle D’Costa

Scientist, fiction writer, and the founder editor of Out of Print, an online short story magazine, Indira Chandrasekhar has dabbled...

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The Spell of Her Disappearance by Monisha Raman

Into the abyss, they drove as he and I stood at the gateway, teary-eyed. No, there was no Amma, not...

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Sita, in her own words – A Review of The Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakurni by Tara Khandelwal and Charu Mittal

The ‘Forest of Enchantments’ is a work of grace and kindness, of pluralities and possibilities. It is an experiment that...

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Let’s Talk About Book Marketing by Tara Khandelwal and Charu Mittal

In India, book marketing has seen a huge growth in the last few years. Authors are trying new and unconventional...

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