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African Authors and African stories by Bound

African Authors and African Stories In a continent as ethnically and culturally diverse as Africa, it comes as no surprise...

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Library Culture in Bombay by bound

Library Culture in Bombay The library culture in the country is perceivably rare, in spite of that there are numerous...

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SIDNEY SHELDON for She by bound

SIDNEY SHELDON for She An American playwright, a producer and the seventh best-selling fiction writer of all time. Sidney was...

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Books to transport you back to childhood by Bound

Books to transport you back to childhood A walk down memory lane always brings to the mind a few images...

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The land where I flee by Prajwal Parajuly

The land where i flee The novel elaborates on the story of 4 siblings, raised by their matriarchal grandmother in...

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Sea Horse by Janice Pariat

Sea Horse Set in Delhi, Seahorse has been termed as a coming-of-age novel which was shortlisted for the Hindu Prize...

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Deo Langkhui by Rita Chowdhury

Deo Langkhui Deo Langkhui translated as the Divine Sword, is another Assamese jewel that was recognised and felicitated with the...

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Black Hill by Mamang Dei

This book earned the author the prestigious Sahitya Academy Award in 2017, for writings in English. The book is a...

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The Cosmopolitan by Anjum Hassan

The Cosmopolitan The novel tells the tale of Qayenaat, a vivacious individual born smack in the middle of two sets...

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