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- Blue Tokai Coffee

In times of Tinder, Grinder, and Bumble, we are happy to announce that some relationships do last forever! Celebrating the never-ending love story between caffeine and copy, Bound and Blue Tokai joined forces to introduce Blue Tokai’s newly launched cold brew to Bound’s chart-topping “Books and Beyond” podcast audience.
In close creative cooperation, Bound and Blue Tokai scripted an organic 1-minute ad that aired in addition to a sponsorship mention in the podcast’s introduction, a mention in the show-note with a discount code, and the placement of Blue Tokai’s logo on the episode creative as well as on all social media promotional designs. To hear what we came up with, listen to the full episode 3.2 of Books and Beyond with Bound with Diksha Basu!

What have to say

“It was a pleasure working on this launch with Bound! It was lots of fun, and professionally executed, too. We hope that this brew-ti-ful cooperation will be fuel for many more creative pursuits between Bound and Dope Coffee Roasters.”

Hartej Sawhney,

Dope Coffee Roasters

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