Brand Excavations

- IIM Kashipur

Brand Excavations’ unearths the real stories behind India’s most iconic brands like Thums Up, Royal Enfield, Haldirams, and Maggi. In a culture where everything and everyone is a brand – or dreams of becoming one – this podcast shines a light on the funny, inspiring, and always entertaining stories of brands who have revolutionized how people think, buy, and live.

Within months of its release, ‘Brand Excavations’ shot up to Number 17 on India’s Apple’s Podcasts Charts. One of the main reasons behind the podcast’s success is Bound’s creative yet highly strategic process that drives all its IPs, keeping audience, narrative edge, and entertainment factor in mind.

Particularly for Brand Excavations, Bound further extended the IP into a newsletter that has now hit more than 5,000 subscribers, focusing on one ad campaign per letter. By conceptualising content pieces that have a life beyond their initial format, our teams grow IPs so that brands partnering with us can experience real, tangible value. We believe a good story can be told, grown and loved across formats.

Tune in and listen to the tales of exceptional humans who refused to give up and built something truly impactful!

What have to say

“Thanks a lot for working so hard on this assignment. The outcome is simply fantastic, as was expected.”

Safal Batra,

Professor and Director of FIED at IIM Kashipur

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