- Chandrima Das

As one of India’s leading storytellers, Chandrima Das creates content across formats for audio, print, and screen. Her work includes ‘Young Blood’ (HarperCollins India), ‘The Talking Dead’(ebook, Audible), the audio series ‘Twisted’ (currently under production for Audible), as well as live storytelling shows and videos. Chandrima approached Bound with an exciting podcast idea about South Asian folklore tales, but wanted to engage with a handpicked audience first to gauge interest and success potential before committing to a fully-fledged production process.

After a detailed discussion on narrative, target audience, emotional connect, Bound selected a profiled group of podcast listeners from its community. We conducted an online survey that evaluated the test audience’s opinions on factors such as the podcast’s overall concept, name and ‘teasing quality’ of the trailer. Both Bound and Chandrima gained great insights on how to push the podcast idea to the next level, and create more audience-oriented narratives through story, voice, and audio production. The result speaks for itself: ‘Rumours’ is a chart-topping podcast success!

What have to say

“Bound’s creative writing class for children at Mastree was extremely enjoyable for kids and well-received by parents. The instructor, Michelle D’costa’s enthusiasm and passion for storytelling kept the young audience engaged throughout. Children showed active participation and had many takeaways from the interactive session. Bound proved to be a perfect choice for tickling the young curious minds.”

Shubhra Sharma,


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