Thought Leadership IP

- Fireside Case Study

To produce, streamline and grow their content IP, ‘Whose Brand Is It Anyway?!

What we did:
The idea was to reach early stage founders and leaders and demystify the process of building a business and brand from the ground up.
In order to do this, we extended the IP and put into motion a larger content strategy that would have more conversations across multiple touchpoints like Linkedin, Youtube, Website, Content marketing, thereby growing the reach and visibility.

– Produced a video series
– Wrote long-form articles
– Created promotional materials across formats like video snippets, social media posts, teaser, etc.
– Produced long-form articles based on the video series that are now hosted on yourstory
– LinkedIn
– Video snippets

What have to say

“Thanks a lot for working so hard on this assignment. The outcome is simply fantastic, as was expected.”

Safal Batra,

Professor and Director of FIED at IIM Kashipur

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