Lavanya Lakshminarayan


Lavanya Lakshminarayan is the best-selling author of the short story collection ‘Analog/ Virtual and Other Simulations of Your Future’. Previous to her debut, she participated in Bound’s prestigious Writer’s Retreat. During the retreat, she workshopped her story narratives, and continued to work with Bound’s editorial team on further refining the manuscript for final publication.

As one of the best editorial teams in India, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of storytelling, be it for print, audio, or video.

Extending the relationship, Bound supported Lavanya in creating a crisp and sales-oriented pitch for her book, guided her in conversations with the country’s leading editors, and connected her to literary agents. The result: Her now nationally and internationally acclaimed book was published by Hachette India. We are happy for her, and how far our relationship has evolved from ideas to a final book in hand!

What have to say

“Bound’s manuscript evaluation service really helped elevate my book of short stories. Tara’s feedback on my manuscript was incisive and highly relevant, without detracting from my intent as a writer. If you’d like a shot of affirmation, an objective critique of your manuscript, or both, I’d strongly recommend running it past Tara and her Bound team.”

Riddhi Shah,

Product Manager

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