Pocket FM

Pocket FM, India’s leading personalized streaming service with an audio-first approach, approached Bound for support in language-related services for a variety of shows targeting US audiences.

Following Bound’s 5 step process, the team curated and vetted a team of 15 skilled writers and editors to help Pocket FM produce, intelligently rewrite, localise, Quality control and Sensitivity-read 600,000+ words and several hundred episode scripts on a monthly basis. Following the fast turn-around by Bound, Pocket FM received final shows that were ready to be shared with voice artists to kick off the phases of production, recording, and uploading on Pocket FM’s platform.

If you want to optimize your business through our on-demand content writing and language services for large-scale projects across formats, genres, cultures, and geographies, get in touch!

What have to say

“I would like to thank you and your editors for their cooperation and efforts and diligence.”

Riddhi Shah,

Product Manager

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