Books to transport you
back to childhood

A walk down memory lane always brings to the mind a few images and a fewsnapshots of a more innocent life, a life without burdens, and just happiness andabandon. One of the few snapshots one remembers is also the books one had readat the time. They pose as very significant signifier of those times, and stand hold ameaningful place in the hearts and minds of people. Here are a few snapshots ofthat could strike a nostalgic chord for readers.


Amar Chitra Katha

Ama Chitra Katha changed the face of children’s publishing in India over 5 decades.Anant Pai drew a world with goddess, lion-hearted freedom fighters,anthropomorphic animals and bumbling asuras which has captured the attention ofyoung and old alike. All these mythical and real characters are etched on to India’slarger cultural fabric. Since its inception in 1967, ACK has sold more than 10 crorecopies in 20 Indian languages. For many, the first lessons in mythology and its vastpantheon of gods and demons came from ACK and thus it has played a seminal rolein preserving India’s cultural heritage. By making culture accessible to young minds,the series created a winning formula for both children and parents.



A monthly comic book in the edutainment genre for young minds.. It has an universeof its own with evergreen characters like Suppandi, Tantri the Mantri, ShikariShambu, Detective Detectives etc. The stories span a variety of topics such ashumour, adventure, social awareness, mystery, science-fiction, comic horror andfantasy. Having been declared India’s only ‘All-comics Magazine for Children’ byLimca Book of Records, it stands on a league on its own having entertained Indiansfor decades. Igniting imagination as well as improving English language skills, it haskeeps kids hooked for hours!


Malgudi Days

R.K. Narayan is one of the most influential writers that India has produced. Thebeauty of this collection of short stories lies in its simplicity with which the authorportrays ardent human emotions. The 32 stories are all based in the fictional town of‘Malgudi’ and draw attention to the simple everyday lives on rural folk. The book isfamous for helping a fast urbanising India relate to their rural cousins. Humorous andgood-natured in its tone, Narayan’s sketch of rural India is an all-time favourite.