Advanced Fiction

Advanced Fiction: How to Write a Novel An Immersive Weekend Course With Michelle D’costa Interested? Sign up here Do your stories stay as ‘drafts’ in your email or in word documents that you haven’t opened in a long time? Are you hoping to polish these drafts and send them out to magazines someday? Do you have… Continue reading Advanced Fiction

Creative Writing for Kids

Creative writing for Kids An Immersive Weekend Course With Mohit Parikh Interested? Sign up here Writing is not just the art and craft of putting words on paper so that one may score high marks or impress an audience. It is also a means for exploring the unknown territories of one’s mind where many a… Continue reading Creative Writing for Kids

Personal Essay Writing

Explore Non-Fiction: The Personal Essay For Beginners An Immersive Weekend Course With Pragya Bhagat Interested? Sign up here Favourite Memoirs I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou: A vulnerable, glorious coming-of-age story about words, resilience, and trauma. Black Boy by Richard Wright: There’s something magical in reading a story from the eyes… Continue reading Personal Essay Writing

College Essay Writing

Learn to write the perfect college application essay An Immersive Weekend Course With Tara Khandelwal Interested? Sign up here One of the most challenging parts of applying to colleges can be writing the perfect statement of purpose or personal essay – one that fits your life, education, hobbies and interests. Not only must this document highlightyour unique… Continue reading College Essay Writing

Poetry Writing

Poetry For Beginners: A Writing Workshop With Pragya Bhagat Interested? Sign up here The Poetry For Beginners workshop will focus on bringing out your inner poet. Whether you’re just curious about poetry or are looking to hone your performing skills, you will work together to create, edit, and perform poetry with your peers and facilitator… Continue reading Poetry Writing

Non-Fiction Writing

The Art Of Non-Fiction: The Personal Essay with Rhea Gangavkar Interested? Sign up here Do you believe in the power of amplifying important & contemporary topics? I do. This course is an introduction to writing non fiction. We will read, discuss, reflect, provide each other feedback, learn how to pitch stories that we resonate with… Continue reading Non-Fiction Writing

Read like a Writer

Read Like A Writer A 2 Week Immersive class with Tara Khandelwal Interested? Sign up here Why read like a writer? To participate in the writing To understand the author’s choices which will inform your own Do you agree with their choices? Would you make similar choices? DURATION : 4 hours DATES : Saturdays 11… Continue reading Read like a Writer

Content Writing for Brands

Content Writing for Brands An Immersive Weekend Course With Tara Khandelwal Interested? Sign up here Revamp your brand content Your brand is a story and we are here to help you tell it better. Through this personalized course, curated specifically for your brand, we will work with you to develop a brand story that translates… Continue reading Content Writing for Brands

Podcast Masterclass

Create Your Own Podcast An Interactive Masterclass With Tara Khandelwal and Aishwarya Javalgekar Interested? Sign up here Have you been thinking of starting your own podcast but don’t know where to begin? Transform your podcast idea into a full-fledged production with ‘Create Your Own Podcast: An Interactive Masterclass’. Our in-class exercises and assignments will help… Continue reading Podcast Masterclass

Fiction Writing

Fiction: Learn the basics An Immersive Weekend Course With Michelle D’costa Interested? Sign up here Have you always wanted to write a story? Have you wanted to read stories closely and analyse them to understand the craft better? Then this weekend session is for you. Over four hours, writer and editor, Michelle D’costa will walk… Continue reading Fiction Writing