Book Editing Workshop

Editing Workshop

Get your manuscript ready for publication. Sign up for a four hour class with Bound's founder and editor, Tara Khandelwal, where you will learn about the different stages of editing through carefully curated exercises and examples which will help take your writing to the next level.

To schedule a workshop at your office, with a group or for a one-to one session, email [email protected] 



BOUND Office, Mumbai

What it entails?

In this class, participants will workshop each other’s writing and equip themselves with the tools they need to polish their writing.

  • Overview of the different stages of editing- Developmental edit, Structural edit, Line edit, Copy-edit.
  • Live feedback on your manuscript
  • Editing exercises to make your piece shine.
  • Identifying and arranging different parts of a book.


  • How publishing works.
  • What to look for when editing a manuscript.
  • Identifying and rectifying problems such as structure, character motivation, repetition, avoiding clichés.
  • Access to Bound FB group with specific opportunities for our participants.
  • Handbook of where to pitch and publish

For individuals- Rs 4,000.

For groups of four or more- Rs 5,000.