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August 21st to 25th 2019
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Twelve writers come together in Divar Island, Goa for an immersive writers’ retreat. They will create, collaborate, and strengthen their craft under the guidance of two experienced mentors.
One of these writers could be you.

Imagine spending a week on a serene island, taking in gorgeous sunsets, writing while nestled amongst palm trees, and forging lifelong connections with passionate writers from all over India.
The BOUND WRITERS' RETREAT is a 5 day residential program designed to help emerging writers experience a new level of creative confidence.

You will take part in workshops with industry professionals and share strengths with fellow participants in feedback and editing sessions. Get ready to immerse yourself in a supportive community, learn valuable new creative techniques, and reinvigorate your love for writing.

This is your chance to nourish and fuel your creative side.Join us for the BOUND WRITERS' RETREAT in Goa.

An Integrated
Creative Experience

At the BOUND WRITERS' RETREAT you will experience a professional writing bootcamp along with like-minded people. The program is designed to give you the creative thrust that you have been looking for. The cornerstone of our program is the personalized one on one sessions writers have with their mentors throughout the course of the five days.


Designed and facilitated by professional writers.


We all have moments when our inspiration flows effortlessly. This workshop is about what to do when writing feels unbearably effortful. BOUND's writing mentors will share the techniques they use to awaken their creative power, and walk you through habits and mindsets that you can apply to build sustainable creative momentum.



How do you create compelling characters? How do you translate the emotions and ideas in your head into a gripping piece that can move an audience? In this workshop, BOUND's writing mentors will cover the craft vital to achieving your creative aspirations, whether you are a poet, novelist, journalist, or practitioner of any other form.


Your ability to revisit and edit your work is what will ultimately make your voice audible above the din. In this workshop your mentors will teach you how to edit in a way that reinforces the core themes and ideas of your written work. You will also learn how your mentors attract a publisher's attention and develop a readership through new distribution avenues.


Benefit from one-on-one mentoring with these industry stalwarts

Tara Khandelwal

Tara Khandelwal

Tara Khandelwal is an editor and writer. She is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University and the Columbia Publishing Course. She currently works with Asia’s largest literary agency, Writers’ Side. She has worked with Penguin, BloombergQuint, SheThePeople.TV and more. She is the founder of Bound which provides skill building for creatives through writers’ retreats, workshops, writing coaching and editorial services.

Aditi Rao

Aditi Rao is the author of two full-length poetry collections, and winner of several awards and fellowships, including the Akademie Schloss Solitude fellowship, the TFA Creative Writing Award, the Sangam House Residency, the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize, and the Muse India Young Writer Award. She has been teaching creative and expository writing, one-on-one as well as in group and classroom settings, since 2005. Aditi’s poetry has appeared in Eclectica, Black Rabbit Review, Muse India, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, The Feminist Wire, and other publications, and her essays have been featured in People Building Peace 2.0 (published by the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict), Moments that Speak: Images and Stories of Connection (published by the Earth Charter Initiative). Her first full-length collection of poetry, The Fingers Remember was published in 2015, and her second collection, A Kind Of Freedom Song, was released in March 2019. 

Tashan Mehta

Tashan Mehta’s debut novel, The Liar’s Weave, was published in 2017 and has been shortlisted for the Prabha Khaitan’s Woman’s Voice Award. She’s was part of the Sangam House International Writers’ Residency in 2015 and was British Council writer-in-residence at Anglia Ruskin University, UK (2018). She studied at the universities of Warwick and Cambridge, an education that allowed her to prise open and play with language. Her short story, ‘Rulebook for Creating a Universe’, will be published in Magical Women, an Indian feminist speculative fiction anthology forthcoming by Hachette India in 2019. She is currently working on her second and third novels.


As soon as you send in your application, a member of the BOUND team will connect with you to tell you more about what's in store for the Goa retreat.

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Who Should Apply?

Writers of all formats (short stories, poetry, screenwriters, playwrights, non-fiction writers, and other formats) who seek their tribe. Whether you wish to develop new ideas with a receptive and warm community, or crave the opportunity to fine-tune your current work, this retreat is the place for you. Apply today for a memorable experience that will revitalize your writing.

Your creative dreams
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You are not alone in the creative challenges that you face.
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What is included?

The Retreat incliudes:

About BOUND:

Bound is an experiential learning
company based in Mumbai.
 The Bound Team


Cost to attend:

Private Room: Rs 40,999/-
Shared Room: Rs 34,999/-


  • Access to all sessions & activities
  • Idea exchange with a passionate community of fellow writers
  • One-on-one sessions with Mentors at the project
  • Private time & space to write
  • 16 hours of teaching time
  • 4 hours of feedback sessions
  • 2 hours of Guest lectures
  • Comfortable stay in a gorgeous 200 year old Portuguese villa
  • Evening open-mics to share your favorite work
  • Experiences & exploring the Island - Birdwatching, Cycling, Sunset walks, Poolside chats and music evenings
  • Three wholesome meals every day
  • Dinner Social with writers and artists from Goa





Come find out why 50 writers have already graduated from the Bound Writers' Retreat.