Create Your Own Comic Book for Adults

how to create your own comic


Take your everyday doodles and ideas to learn this unique art form and create your own comic.

In this class, you will start with the basics - creating characters, stories and layout, and finish the class having created your very own comic.

The class will focus on:

1. Writing - forming interesting characters and a cohesive plot line

2. Imagery - creating your own world, defining an aesthetic, and drawing basic figures and structures

3. Layout and Structure - understanding the usage of space and structure

Through these three steps, your comic will be taken from conception to completion


Class Details:
21st/23rd August 2020
6: 00 PM - 8:00 PM (4 hours total)
Age 16 and above


Abhijeet Kini is a graphic novelist who has published several comics likeAngry Maushi. He has worked as an illustrator for several leading publications like the Hindustan Times, DNA and Mid-day as well as brands like Parle, Titan and Comic Con India. He runs his own design studio called Kini Studios in Mumbai with his wife.

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Bound Testimonial

  • “I would like to thank Team Bound and Dhruv for these amazing sessions. He made it very simple and understandable. I really enjoyed these classes.”
    Chinmay Chandraunshuh, Actor
  • “"This was an utterly fantastic course. Definitely got a lot out of it - and has given me more than an understanding of how to go about it. Dhruv has been an amazing instructor. The learning curve has been steep””
    Micky Kalita – Creative Director, Advertising
  • "I spend a lot of my time reading books and watching TV shows - and this hobby has been amplified during lockdown. And it got me thinking - I don't actually know what scriptwriting involves. I've always found it so fascinating how words written on a paper get translated so beautifully into something so visual and compelling. With the explosion of online streaming from Netflix to Amazon and so many other platforms, now is probably the best time to learn screenwriting. So I was excited to join Bound's classes on screenwriting with Dhruv Narang. He shared a lot of insights on what the job is like, the technical aspects of screenwriting - like writing a logline and building out from there. The students are also enthusiastic and it is interesting hearing everyone's takeaways and POV. I enjoyed the class because not only did I learn new things but was given the opportunity to provide feedback on others' work as well as receive valuable feedback on mine. That in itself is a great confidence booster!
    Sakshi Samtani