Creative Writing Class for Children

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Creative Writing Class for Children



Lots of parents have asked us about classes for children and here we are!

Writing is not just the art and craft of putting words on paper so that one may score high marks or impress an audience. It is also a means for exploring the unknown territories of one’s mind where many a world lie. From Spiderman to Chota Bheem, from Mahabharata to Harry Potter, entire universes are imagined and put down on paper so that others too can share them with us.

The aim of this four-session workshop is to introduce creative writing to students, to teach them how to brainstorm, develop an idea, give structure to their thoughts and write in a neat and confident way so that they and others can enjoy it.

Some fundamental approaches, techniques and illustrations will be discussed, and live exercises will be conducted with the help of writing prompts. Lots of fun exercises in store!

The takeaways from this 4-session course will be centred on:

  • Developing an understanding of various forms of writing
  • Thinking in a structured manner
  • Using imagination constructively
  • Nurturing and developing an idea
  • Knowledge of popular tools and techniques
  • How to choose subjects to write about
  • Importance of reading (reading well) for writing (writing well)
  • Finding personal inclination and developing a habit
  • Feeling confident!

The participating students will also get an opportunity to submit their creative pieces for assessment by the instructor and getting personal feedback.

Class Details:

11th/12th/13th/14th August 2020

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (4 hours total)

Age 7 years to 10 years 


Mohit Parikh is the author of Manan (HarperCollins), a novel which received Honourable Mention for Best Book Fiction at The Hindu-Goodbooks Awards. Mohit Parikh has also received a Toto Award for Creative Writing in 2015 and a Toto-Sangam House Residency Fellowship in 2017.He studied MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode and presently works with a management consulting firm. Mohit is deeply passionate about child education, meditation and storytelling. He cannot drive a car.

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Bound Testimonial

  • It was a great creative writing workshop. My daughter has been interested in writing for sometime and it really helped her polish her skills. Thank you for the fun-filled and knowledgeable workshop.
    Dr. Ravneet Kaur Saini, Parent
  • ‘Thank you so much for the amazing workshop! Learned a lot   ”
    Shiven Jain
  • ‘Thank you. It was a great experience. I will surely maintain a journal henceforth.’
  • ‘Now I am confident that I can write a nice story.’  ”
    Suraj Pai
  • ‘Thank you Mohit sir. I loved all the 4 days of this session.’  ”
    Janani Ram Kumar
  • ‘I was listening so carefully I didn’t even realise it’s 5 pm!’  ”
    Fiza Parveen
  • ‘Loved the workshop.’  ”
    Ashmit Gupta
  • ‘Thank you Mohit sir. I loved the session.’  ”
    Ishi Gupta
  • ‘I thank Mohit for enlightening me through the process of writing novels. He has taught me how to gain consistency.’  ”
  • I am very happy to have attended this workshop and I learnt something new. Mohit sir teaches very well.
    Uwais Ahmed