Editing And Publishing:
A 2 Week Experiential Course

With Tara Khandelwal and Aishwarya Javalgekar

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Have you ever wondered how stories become books?

Expert instructors Tara Khandelwal and Aishwarya Javalgekar will guide you through an immersive journey and simulate the actual workings of a publishing house.

You will get the chance to think like an editor for 13 hours. Learn how to read and analyze stories, polish a story to create the best possible version, think out of the box and come up with unique book ideas, and pitch books to a publisher with creative and unique book proposals. Our stimulating exercises, industry insights and personalized feedback will boost your creativity and teach you professional editing skills that you can apply to your own and others' writing.

"The first draft is black and white. Editing gives the story color." - Emma Hill

DURATION: 2 weeks (13 hours)

DATES: 12th-13th December and 19th-20th December

AGE LIMIT: 16 and above

  • Step into the shoes of a book editor.
  • Learn where and how to get published.
  • Start your own writing and editing journey!



Our instructors will give you professional insights into the publishing industry - where and how do books get published? Who are the people that make it happen?


  • Tara Khandelwal is one of India's top editors and has worked with Penguin, BloombergQuint, SheThePeople.TV and more.
  • Aishwarya Javalgekar has worked at Zubaan Books and Simon and Schuster Canada.

Become an expert editor with our creative exercises and simulations. You will learn:


  • How to come up with bestselling book ideas and commission authors.
  • How to analyze stories and write reader responses.
  • How people pitch their books to editors with a convincing book proposal.

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Learn how to edit your own work or supplement your income by becoming a freelance editor. In addition to editing skills and techniques, you can learn how to build an editing portfolio and how to establish relationships with writers and publishers.


Do you want to build a career around books? Learn about publishing houses and literary agents and the role they play in the creation of books. This could be the first step in your literary career!


Are you a writer trying to get your book published? Polish your book with our editing techniques and get insider knowledge of the publishing industry. Perfect your book proposal and learn the tricks and tips to getting published!


12th December

11 am - 1 pm: Editing Types and Techniques: Learn about reader responses, structural and line edits with real life examples and practical exercises.

4 pm - 6 pm: Creating Your Best Version: Hone your writing with these advanced writing techniques.

13th December

11 am - 1 pm: Pitches And Proposals: How do writers pitch their books? How do editors decide what to publish? Learn about the ins and outs of publishing and write your own book proposal.

4 pm - 5 pm: Special Guest Lecture: Gain fresh perspective on publishing with Radhika Timbadia, founder of Champaca Bookstore.

19th December

11 am - 1 pm: Career Options: Which careers can you pursue as an editor? Learn how to work at a publishing house or go freelance, how to build your brand as an editor and make connections in the industry.

4 pm - 6 pm: All About Publishing: What happens once a manuscript is accepted? Learn about the publishing process - how books are produced and marketed, how are book covers designed, what role do book reviewers and bookstagrammers play in making a book popular?

20th December

11 am - 1 pm: Let's All Be Editors: A publishing house simulation where every participant dons the editorial hat and pitches interesting book ideas. Use your newly gained know-how of the industry to decide which books will become bestsellers!


  • 13 hours of teaching time with industry experts.
  • Valuable skills that you can incorporate in your own career.
  • Lists and resources to boost your writing and publishing journey.
  • A certificate to show your editing skills. 
  • Personalized feedback on a book proposal OR an hour-long mentoring session with Tara Khandelwal.

All Inclusive

INR 7,000

Limited seats available!

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Tara Khandelwal, Editor and Founder of Bound

Tara Khandelwal is an editor with 10+ years of experience. She works with the biggest publishing houses in India and with Writers' Side, Asia's largest literary agency. She is an alumna of Barnard College, Columbia University and the Columbia Publishing Course.

Aishwarya Javalgekar, Writer and Editor

Aishwarya Javalgekar is an editor and mentor at Bound. She has a Masters in English (Public Texts) and a Certificate in Book Publishing from Humber College. She has worked at Zubaan, an independent publishing house in India and Simon and Schuster Canada.She has started her own literary magazine, ang(st).

Their Work at Bound

Bound provides a variety of services that help writers develop their skills and get their work ready for publishing. Tara Khandelwal and Aishwarya Javalgekar offer manuscript and proposal edits and guide writers in developing their stories. Tara has edited many acclaimed books, including Three Impossible Wishes by Anmol Malik and Essential Items by Udayan Mukherjee.


Q. Is there an application process to join this course?

A. No, there is no application process. Anyone who wants to be a writer or editor can benefit from this course.

Q. Do I have to make full payment before the course begins?

A. Yes.

Q. Will I get a certificate?

A. Yes, you will receive an official certificate from Bound.

Q. How do I choose between the book proposal edit and the personal mentoring session with Tara Khandelwal?

A. You can make this decision at any time between signing up for the course and the end of our sessions. We will guide you through the process if you are still unsure.

Q. If I have to miss one session, what do I do?

A. Please contact [email protected] as soon as you are sure that you will miss a session. We will try our best to address your absence. The class payment is non-refundable. You can, however, use the amount towards another class or service.

Q. What if I have more questions?

A. Fill up our query form and a member from our team will get in touch with you.


Bound Testimonial

  • I am so grateful to Tara for pointing me in the right direction at the crucial stages of writing my book. While working together, every time I read her notes, suggestions or advice, I remember thinking, ‘That makes perfect sense! I should do exactly what she says!’ And it always turned out to be a change for the better, making all the difference. Tara has given clarity and conciseness to my jumble of thoughts and it is with her help that I can show my work to the publishing world with some confidence. So again, I am very thankful!
    Susan George
    On Tara's editing services
  • This was really amazing and I never thought that there would be/ could be a session where someone could actually tell you about publishing. Most of the information was new for me now I actually know how I can go further and use other resources thanks so much Tara and Aishwarya. This workshop was a unique experience I had very little information about traditional publishing and other than the technicalities I really appreciate the part about the thought process of editors.
    Deepika Mishra
    Freelance Content Writer and Consultant
  • I found the workshop quite useful as I had no prior knowledge of how publishing works - the concept of query letters, importance of body of work, how publishers decide what to commission, etc. It’s great to get a sense of this from people working in the space. 
    Ila Reddy
    Content Writer and Nonprofit Consultant
  • Thank you Tara and Aishwarya for the session! Had some great takeaways. I found the chance to get personal feedback amazing, along with the tips and tricks mentioned.
    Jas Haria
    Software Engineer and Writer

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