Experimental Fiction Writing Workshop

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Experimental Fiction Writing Workshop


Have you always wanted to write stories that surprise you?

Explore the world of fiction through writers who have pushed the boundaries of literature. Experimental fiction is often associated with modern techniques, innovation and testing and pushing the limits of meaning. Often writers shatter the existing writing conventions in the favour of innovation and experimentation. 

If you want to write cutting edge, unconventional fiction, this is the place for you to find your voice.  

In this weekend workshop, you will be reading and analysing works of writers like Eimear McBride, Lidia Yuknavitch and more and will gain an understanding of how they developed and used experimental techniques in their literature. Michelle will walk you through each writer's work and help you access the experimental writer in you through exercises and discussions.

You will also be given writing exercises and learn valuable fiction writing techniques that will help you structure your writing. The workshop will be interactive and will encourage you to share and receive insights from your peers. 

Michelle will be answering some of these questions in the class:

  • What does it take to write something extraordinary?
  • Do you have it in you to take your reader by surprise?
  • Can you play with content and form to create an unforgettable tale?

Sign up for Michelle’s class to open yourself up to a whole new world of fiction writing. 

Class Details:

Date:  21st & 22nd November 2020 (Saturday and Sunday)
Timing: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Total 4 Hours)

Age: 18 and above

Michelle D'costa is a Mangalorean from Mumbai. She was born and raised in Bahrain. Her poetry and prose have been published in over 40 journals like Eclectica, Litro UK, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Cold Noon and more. She loves to interview writers. Her debut full-length short story and poetry collections are complete. She edits Kaani, an ezine for fiction. She talks about books on YouTube and blogs on WordPress.


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Bound Testimonial

  • “The experimental writing workshop was extremely well-planned and executed. It was evident that Michelle really cared about this style of writing, and that in turn got me interested as well. The idea of moulding a language - with its rules, constraints, and structure - to suit your voice is intriguing, and the texts that she chose for this resonated with the class. Personally, it showed me the craft in a different, more playful setting which has also helped me adopt a different perspective for when I sit down to write. I would definitely recommend this workshop to those who wish to explore the idea of writing - be it for themselves or otherwise.”
    Riya Mehta
  • “The experimental fiction workshop nudged me to step out of my comfort zones and explore varying narrative voices, most of them different from my natural style. It was fun to play and twist sentence structure, grammar, pov, and just let go of expectations. The exercises unlocked some brilliant ideas not only in my writing but (I dare say) also in the other writers at the workshop. I recommend the session to anyone looking to expand their range of writing.”
    Malcolm Carvalho
  • “I would like to begin by saying how much I enjoyed all your sessions. The experimental writing workshop was the icing on the cake! I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun- testing our creative boundaries. And I never realized there were so many books that were written in so many different ways. Thanks for introducing us to them.”
    Meera Sundararajan
  • “The experimental fiction workshop really stood out as we explored different techniques and styles that break the conventional and standard rules of writing fiction. It was so interesting to get other writers’ perspectives on the bizarre ways language can be twisted and represented to make it both innovative and appealing. Thanks to Michelle whose mentoring during the session made it so interactive and enjoyable! Would recommend this workshop to anyone who’s trying to explore their distinctive style of writing!”
    Ritika Bali