How to Create Your Own Comic

how to create your own comic



Does your child have a vivid imagination? Is he always telling you crazy, fantastical stories? Is she always drawing colourful characters? Well now, they can learn to bring their ideas to life with this Comic Book Writing Class!

The aim of the workshop is to introduce budding artists and writers to the world of comic books so they can learn to emulate their favourite comics like Tinkle and Marvel. Children will hone their talent, sharpen their skills and learn how to share their creations in a way that their friends and family can enjoy. The course focuses on humorous comics and superhero comics amongst many other fascinating topics!

 The key takeaways from this workshop would be:

How to go from an idea to its execution

The technique of creating and developing well rounded, interesting characters.

How to build and structure gripping stories.

The importance of colours and contrast.

The use of speech bubbles and art of dialogue writing. 

The tips and tricks of how to depict action and movement in still images

Class Details:
9th/16th August 2020
2: 00 PM - 3:00 PM (2 hours total)
Age 9 years to 14 years 


Abhijeet Kini is a graphic novelist who has published several comics like Angry Maushi. He has worked as an illustrator for several leading publications like the Hindustan Times, DNA and Mid-day as well as brands like Parle, Titan and Comic Con India. He runs his own design studio called Kini Studios in Mumbai with his wife.  

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Bound Testimonial

  • “Abyan is thrilled. Let me know if there is going to be more extensive class for him.  ”
    Pervez Ahmed
  • “Harshvardhan really enjoyed the class!! And he learnt many things about comic making. He is super excited to make one by himself!!”
  • “Rushan has enjoyed the session a lot and he said that he has learned many things about comics.”
    Mahua Basu