How to Enjoy Poetry: Women Poets from India

India is a rainbow continent, rich with cultural traditions as varied as the shades of brown you’ll find here.This course will focus on the reading and analysis of poems by Indian women. Their poems address issues such as belonging, immigration, colonisation, colour, and body image. Their stories are both universal in theme and contextual in teaching us about their unique celebrations and struggles.In this course, we will focus on both the written and spoken word. We will also write our own poems and build the skills of reflection, analysis, and voice.In exposing you to the work of different poets, this course will both broaden your horizon and deepen your own poetic practice.



Pragya Bhagat is a spoken word poet, award-winning essayist, and author of two books. Her work focuses on the intersection of themes such as mental health, belonging, and body image. Her poetry, essays, and fiction have been published in the Huffington Post, The Wire, The Bombay Review, and Helter Skelter, amongst others. Pragya currently lives in Goa.