How To Write A Short Story


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Have you always wanted to write a story?

Have you wanted to read stories closely and analyse them to understand the craft better? 

Then this session is for you. In one hour, instructor Michelle D'costa will analyse a short story with you and help you learn the elements of a good story. Through this, she will urge you to write your own story and access those latent creative ideas within you. She will also recommend online magazines that you can send your work to. This class is just a glimpse into what her two week fiction class will be. It will be interactive, fun and informative.

Class Details:

8th August 2020

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (1 hour total) 



Michelle D'costa is a Mangalorean from Mumbai. She was born and raised in Bahrain. Her poetry and prose have been published in over 40 journals like Eclectica, Litro UK, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Coldnoon and more. She loves to interview writers. Her debut full-length short story and poetry collections are complete. She edits Kaani, an ezine for fiction. She talks about books on YouTube and blogs on WordPress.

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Bound Testimonial

  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the class conducted by Michelle. She was really encouraging and patient with us. It was my first time writing fiction but she put me at ease by breaking down the process beautifully. The most interesting parts of the class for me were the explanation of topics using published stories followed by writing exercises which allowed us to put that learning to use. For example, the skill of showing vs telling.  Thank you for putting this course together. Look forward to participating in many more. I also appreciate the format and duration of the program as it was easy for me to accommodate it during my working hours.”
    Maulshri Shah-
  • “Thank you Michelle. Attending the fiction basics class was a wonderful experience. Got introduced to some wonderful techniques in fiction writing. Thanks for your patience Michelle you gave us the space and time to develop and be heard.”
    Shilpa Chadha
  • “One of my cherished takeaways from Michelle's class is this amazing community of avid readers and extremely talented writers that I get to be a part of. I went in not knowing what to expect, but by the end of our fourth class had learnt a vast amount of much needed basics to write a good story and the technicalities of the craft. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it transported me back to the dreamy english classes from my school days!”
    Amrutha Ramachandran
  • “Michelle D'costa's class was like a visit to a friend's house for some green tea. It comforted me and boosted my spirit. The ideas that came from that class jumpstarted my first literary short story in many years.”
    Suhit Kelkar