How to Write a Web Series

Learn from one of the screenwriters of 'Sacred Games'.

In recent years, the Internet has created space for an entirely new storytelling format: the web series. They are cheaper to distribute and easily accessible for viewers from all across the world and country. They have rapidly become an integral part of every household's cultural landscape, and this explosive emergence has provided the perfect opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to get started and showcase their talent. 

Although unique in format and distribution, the web series at its core contains the same basic elements that we look for in every type of story: memorable characters, intriguing conflict and thought-provoking journeys. But it also provides so much more: you can explore more complex ideas, allow viewers to become familiar with the unfamiliar, create multiple intersecting story-lines centred around broad themes and at the same time, give new life to the seemingly trivial and mundane.

This apparent complexity can often make the task seem daunting and create a sense of inertia. This course is directed at helping you get past the mark and arm you with the right set of tools and frameworks that can give you comfort and control over this large canvas. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have an understanding of how to methodically approach an idea and slowly expand it to create an episodic structure. You will have an understanding of the different elements that go into making an impactful web-series. You will also gain specific insight into the process of 'adaptations', a popular route for web-series in India.  


The course is distributed over 3 weekends, i.e. 6 sessions, of 1.5 hours each. These will be Zoom video sessions that involve: 

a) direct instructions for understanding fundamentals, 
b) online and offline exercises to practice the concepts and,
c) For some topics, an interactive group-discussion style.

"Learning by trial" is a key element of this course and thus will ask a lot of the participants. You will be required to, basis the classroom learnings, develop two ideas over the three weeks, work on characters and episode breaks, and provide extensive feedback to other participants on their work as well. Hence, those willing to apply are requested to make sure they can take out at least 8-10 hours over the course of the week, other than the sessions themselves.

The course outcomes will be applicable across all genres. 

You should apply if: 
  • You are serious about the craft of writing for the screen (specifically web-series), and 
  • Willing to put in the hours in this course to hone your craft. 


About The Instructor

Dhruv Narang is an Indian screenwriter. He is 29 years old,  was born into an Air Force family and lived all over the country as a kid. He graduated with a degree in Psychology and then studied Rural Management. He worked with tribal and farming communities in Kerala and Madhya Pradesh before moving to Mumbai to become a filmmaker. He joined AIB First Draft, a residency program for screenwriters, following which he started working on Gormint, an Amazon Prime Show produced by OML, due to be released later this year. He was a part of the writers' room for Sacred Games Season 2. He is currently working on another web-series for Amazon and is also developing his own original projects in collaboration with other writers and directors.