Meditative Writing

Learn The Art Of Meditative Writing

Meditative Writing


We are all the central protagonists - the heroes - who take centre stage in the drama unfolding inside our heads. We are also, to an extent, the author of this drama - deciding what our story has been thus far and what shape it is going to take from here on. However, like a struggling novelist unable to make her characters change their ill fates, often we too feel powerless, dejected, trapped.

In the Meditative Writing Workshop, you will learn how to transform this operative state of mind through inquiry and introspection. Over a course of two weeks, through various writing exercises and confidential, personal feedbacks, the participants will learn to use writing as a: 

  • Exercise for thoughtful personal development
  • Portal to present moment awareness
  • The technique to transform your life stories 
  • Step into an intent oriented life 
Ideal Participants Age: 20 yrs to 65yrs 
Language: English 
Batch size: 20

Class Details: 

Dates: 26th/27th September & 3rd/4th October
Timing: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (6 hours total)


*No previous experience of meditation or writing is required. 



Mohit Parikh is the author of Manan (HarperCollins), a novel which received Honourable Mention for Best Book - Fiction at The Hindu-Goodbooks Awards. Mohit Parikh has also received a Toto Award for Creative Writing in 2015 and a Toto-Sangam House Residency Fellowship in 2017. He studied MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode and presently works with a management consulting firm. Mohit is deeply passionate about child education, meditation and storytelling. He cannot drive a car.

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Bound Testimonial

  • Bound India’s How to Read Like a Writer facilitated by Tara Khandelwal helped me analyse the works of different authors thoroughly and offered a new perspective on the various aspects of storytelling. I think this workshop is very important for aspiring writers because it helps you hone your skills and experiment with different styles.  ”
    Beatrice Roy
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed the sessions hosted by Michelle and Tara. Their knowledge and sheer love for books and literature make the classes interesting and interactive. I've had the opportunity to get such different and intriguing perspectives on varying topics from them and aspiring writers. It's been an enriching experience in a short span of time.  The topics for sessions/workshops are intelligently chosen, providing ample opportunities to participants to share ideas, theories and the like. Analysis, reasoning, styling, and editing are some of the active discussions that occur with like-minded folks.  Thus far, I've attended sessions on How to Edit Your Book (Tara), How to Read Like A Writer (Tara), and a 2-Week Advanced Fiction Class (Michelle). Looking forward to many more and a long-lasting relationship with Bound. Happy to have found you.      ”
    Tushar Chatterji
  • I really enjoyed the class, especially listening to everyone share their poems (they were really nice). Looking forward to more classes.  ”
    Tamanna Shroff
  • Over the past two weeks, Michelle, our instructor, has been very polite and helpful. She made us understand things that we unconsciously know, but often don’t use. I’m an active writer. I participated in this class to improve my writing skills and it was very beneficial. Michelle made us analyse literary texts ourselves so that we write better and achieve the writing goals we've been dreaming about. In each two hour session, participants engaged each other with such intriguing conversations that time really flew by. This class has taught me the importance of living in a community, teamwork, good listening skills and of course, better writing techniques. I recommend this to all writers who want to improve their craft.  ”
    Ashaani Taneja
  • Michelle D'costa's class was like a visit to a friend's house for some green tea. It comforted me and boosted my spirit. The ideas that came from that class jumpstarted my first literary short story in many years.  ”
    Suhit Kelkar
  • I really enjoyed Bound’s fiction writing class. It was well-structured and interactive. I appreciated the quality of the community that participated. The class pushed us to both experiment with styles, and stay true to our own voice.  ”
    Natasha Malpani Oswal