This workshop will focus on bringing out your inner poet. Whether you’re just curious about poetry or are looking to hone your performing skills, we will work together to create, edit, and perform poetry.

As part of the course you will have both reading and writing assignments to build your logical, linguistic, and emotional intelligence. There will also be spaces for reflection and feedback in each session. A few questions we’ll be exploring:

What is the difference between poems that are meant to be read and poems that are meant to be spoken?
What is the function of detail in poetry?
How can imposing limitations on your work expand it?
What are the tools in a poet’s toolbox?
How can we use a poetry community to push ourselves?

Poetry is meant to be enjoyed. Throughout the course you’ll be reading poets from diverse backgrounds, including women, people of colour, and those from of the LGBTQ community. So join me in this journey as we reflect, grow, and have fun.
Class is 8 hours long over two weeks.


Pragya Bhagat is a spoken word poet, award-winning essayist, and author of two books. Her work focuses on the intersection of themes such as mental health, belonging, and body image. She currently lives in Goa.