Writing Mentorship

Want to complete your manuscript in 2022?

Bound is one of the first organizations in India to offer writing mentorship to aspiring writers.
We handhold writers through every stage of the writing process through consistent editorial reviews and meetings. We make ourselves available to our writers from the ideation stage to the point where they are ready to pitch their work. Our writers' pieces are as much our babies as they are theirs!

Who is the writing mentorship program for?

Our intention is to work with anyone who is serious and passionate about manifesting their goals, and completing a writing project of any nature, whether fiction, non-fiction and poetry. This could be a novel, a poetry collection, a collection of short stories, narrative journalism, lyric essays, a memoir, or even a book-length record of your family history.

We accept writers at all levels, and in all genres. Whether you are a first-time writer, or have already completed a manuscript and are hoping to jumpstart your next book, our mentorship program can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Apart from being lovers of literature, our editors have years of experience and training in editorial services, and curriculum design. With our background in organizing writing workshops, we are able to offer the opportunity for writers to improve their writing craft through exercises and assigned readings. We hold our writers accountable, and push them to reach their full potential. Additionally, we encourage writers to build a community with each other, and become each other’s readers for life.

We offer 3 mentorship programs based on their duration.
One Month, Three Months and Six Months
You can sign up for a program based on how much time you think you can devote to your writing.

Write to us at [email protected]

4 Week- One Month Writing Mentorship Program

  • What it includes:
    1. Brainstorm on potential ideas for books

    2. Help you select an idea and know if your book idea or plan works
    3. Handhold you in developing your idea into a coherent story
    4. Provide techniques to develop your book’s content and structure
    5. Provide guidance on how to write and publish your book
    6. Where to submit your work and how
    7. Skillfully battle writer’s block
    8. Editing, rewriting, publishing, social media and submission advice
    9. 4 one-hour skype calls with customised weekly targets/assignments
    10. Create a writing schedule with your editor who will follow-up and ensure that you stick to it

Rs. 35,000/- (incl. taxes)

Rs. 5000/- to be paid in advance)

Have a doubt?

For enquiries about Bound's Writing Mentorship Programmes, please drop your details in the attached form or email us at [email protected]

    Writing Mentors

    Tara Khandelwal

    Tara is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University and the Columbia Publishing Course. She works with Asia’s largest literary agency, Writers’ Side.

    Michelle D'costa

    Michelle has been published in over 50 literary journals like Eclectica, Litro UK, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Coldnoon, and more. She edits Kaani, an ezine for fiction.


    Aishwarya Javalgekar

    Aishwarya is a writer, poet, researcher and has a Masters in English (Public Texts) & a Certificate in Book Publishing. She is the founder & editor-in-chief of ang(st).

    Writing Mentorship

    Pragya Bhagat

    Pragya is a poet, award-winning essayist, and author of two books. Her work has been published in the Huffington Post, The Wire, The Bombay Review & Helter Skelter.

    Writing Mentorship

    Preeti Lourdes John

    Preeti is Deputy Editor at the Observer Research Foundation. She has previously worked with The Economist Group, The Quint, The Wire and Qrius.

    Three/Six Months Writing Mentorship Program

    The Process:
    - Each writer will be matched up with a primary editor based on the nature of their writing project.
    - The editor will handhold the writer through the five stages of our specially designed program.
    - After an initial meeting, we will design a unique curriculum adapted to your personal goals.
    - We evaluate your progress during monthly in-person meetings.
    - Schedule weekly phone-calls to check-in.
    - We remain sensitive to your vision for the project throughout.
    - Apart from providing feedback on the writing, our editors will help you overcome emotional challenges such as writer’s block, and finding creative inspiration.
    - Editors provide advice on everything from conducting research to writing pitch letters.
    - We believe that each writer is unique, and want to partner with you at every stage of your journey.
    - Think of us as your personal gym trainers, but with less sweating!

    What it includes:

    1. Notes and feedback on writing in-progress a. Editors will read and annotate your work for the duration of the six-month program. b. We don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘good writing’ or ‘bad writing.’ We aim to help our writers find their voice, and communicate their ideas effectively. c. Bound editors act as sounding boards, and help their writers brainstorm at any stage in the writing process where they may feel stuck.

    2. Personalized curriculum with writing prompts, writing exercises, and reading material Our editors will suggest reading material based on your genre, writing style, and research interests.

    3. Help with outlining your project, and clarifying your creative ambitions Through our conversations, our editors help writers learn more about themselves as writers and creators.

    4. Weekly check-ins over the phone to evaluate progress We love hearing about our writers’ creative rituals, and their writing process. By engaging in regular dialogue about their progress, our editors uncover patterns and help writers overcome obstacles that may arise such as writer’s block.

    5. Monthly in-person meetings to provide feedback on the writing in-progress (provided Bound’s editor and the writer are in the same city) Topics on which our editors can provide advice and guidance include creative blocks, increasing productivity, overcoming procrastination, research, structuring the manuscript, tone and voice, pitching and submitting work, book marketing and publishing.

    6. One final developmental edit at the end of the program
    7. Editors will be available to help writers compose a pitch letter
    8. Writers will have the opportunity to receive notes from other editors on the Bound editorial team

    Package Cost


    Three Months Program
    Rs. 75,000/- (incl. taxes)


    Six Months Program
    Rs. 1,50,000/- (incl. taxes)

    (Rs. 10,000/- to be paid in advance)

    Write to us at [email protected]

    What will I leave with?

    1. We ask that our writers focus on setting reasonable goals for themselves, and believe everyone has their own writing process. At the end of our program, you will have a better understanding of your individual process, and will have formed a writing practice that suits your rhythms. We help our writers build discipline, and discover their voice.

    2. Personalized book recommendations and writing exercises created by Bound editors.

    3. Detailed five-page assessment of your progress over the course of the program, which includes notes about your writing strengths and weaknesses.

    4. A developmental edit, if you complete a draft of your manuscript.

    5. A community of other Bound Mentorship Program alumnae.

    6. Access to Bound’s exclusive writing resources, master class videos, and Facebook groups

    Bound Testimonial

    • “Pervin has been very kind and supportive in helping me with pushing my ideas into a definite form. The exercises and prompts she has given me have been really amazing, pushing  me to develop my craft. It has been a pleasure learning from her.”
      Mehak Goyal
    • “Thanks to Bound's Writing Mentorship Program, I now have a manuscript much closer to completion than it was three months ago. My mentor Tara gave me feedback every week, and encouraged me even in the "bad" weeks. She treated my story like her own, and helped me figure out where I could do better. I now have a manuscript that is coherent, exciting and fun, along with much more confidence in my writing skills! :-)”
      Rohini Kapur Alva
    • “For me, the Bound program was life altering. I had been struggling to write more than a few pages for months, and then, Tara’s gentle tutelage nurtured the author in me into writing my entire manuscript. Tara’s insights were on point and her suggestions offered a gentle nudge towards the ‘better option” in scenarios presented by me. She is a great editor and has the patience to wait for you to evolve. I would highly recommend the mentorship to budding & established writers.”
      Madhu Singh Sirohi
      Children’s and YA Fiction author
    • “This program for me was like a shot of rain in the middle of summer. My second book had been languishing for close to a year, and this came at the right time to help me pick up the thread again. I wrote over 20k words in three months, and I liked how it came at a steady pace of a chapter a week. The weekly calls with Tara and her reactions to the submissions were crucial to help maintain my pace without hindering it, and her detailed written edits at the end of the program invaluable in helping me shape this into a manuscript worth sending out into the world. I am, of course, deeply grateful for this opportunity and habit-forming experience, and would highly recommend this to anyone - whether it is your first book or your fifth - because this program gives you the thing that makes this lonely journey of a writer possible: a warm, honest, professional, empathetic reader.”
      Praveena Shivram
      Editor in Chief, Arts Illustrated

    Writing Mentorship FAQ

    • Should I sign up for the 3 month or 6-month program?

      Our 3 month mentorship program is ideal for any writer who wants to explore their potential within a short time period. We help writers build their writing skills, tap into their creativity and gain the confidence to continue their projects by the end of the program.

      Our 6 month mentorship program is for those writers who want sustained involvement with our editors in their writing lives.

    • What happens during the weekly phone-call?

      Writers are asked to set aside thirty minutes every week at a fixed time in order to check-in with their editor. During the phone-call, writers will talk about whether they met their goals for the week, and any challenges they encountered. If the writer had sent in work to be reviewed, the editor will provide feedback. This is also an opportunity to discuss any writing exercises, reading material, or other tasks the editor and writer may have decided upon. At the end of the check-in, writers will set their goals for the upcoming week.

    • How do I sign up?

      Send us an email with a sample of your writing, and a few lines about the book project you have in mind. Maybe you have a research interest, but don’t know whether you want to write a novella or an academic monograph – that’s fine too! We’ll set up a phone-call or meeting to provide an initial assessment of how we would work with you, and what we could offer.

    • Do I need to submit a writing sample?

      A writing sample helps, but isn’t necessary. We accept writers on a first-come-first-served basis, depending on the number of seats available in a given month.

    • What does the mentorship program cost?

      • We offer one month, three month and six month mentorship plans.
      • One month plan- Rs. 15,000/-
      • Three month plan- Rs. 40,000/-
      • Six month plan- Rs. 70,000/-

    Our Mentorship Philosophy:

    We consider ourselves caretakers of our writers’ inner artist, and are sensitive to their writing voice, and working style.
    Our philosophy is one of listening, encouraging and building our writers’ creative confidence.
    We nurture our writers’ creative spirits while remaining committed to seeing tangible results in the form of pages written.
    Write to us at [email protected]