trends and topics within
India’s diverse creator economy

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Bound insights surveys, analyses, and interprets data and insights within India’s
creator economy. Through our loyal community and strong relationships with
industry leaders, we have direct and real-time access to market trends, the next
hot topic, and growth scenarios. As a result, Bound creates industry reports,
offers customised research, and invites brands and content creators to test their
ideas in dedicated focus groups.

Our Research

Bound’s Ultimate Guide To Podcast Production
A handy guide offering step-by-step instructions on how to plan, create, and market your own podcast. Collated by Bound’s founder Tara & the head of originals Aishwarya, the report offers direct access into the minds and challenges of podcast creators and listeners in India.

The report includes:

  • Overview on the growing podcast industry in India.
  • Easy-to-follow manual to podcast production including checklists and templates.
  • Upcoming opportunities and a roadmap on how to use them to your advantage.

Future podcasters, don’t wait ... get your copy now !

Price : INR 2000

Demystifying India’s Publishing Industry

Based on qualitative data sourced from Bound’s active community, expert insights, and interviews with leading stakeholders from our original podcast and video series, The Book People, “ Demystifying Indian Publishing; Bound’s Industry Insights” was launched in partnership with Dope Coffee.

The report includes:

  • Extensive analysis of industry trends over the last decade.
  • Insights into the challenges and opportunities of publishing during the pandemic.
  • A guide on the publishing process and ecosystem .

A must-have to decode the publishing ecosystem, process and forecasts

Price : INR 5000

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Bound Insights :

We can help you conduct qualitative, interdisciplinary and in-depth research,  make sense of your findings and present them the format that is most accessible to your final consumer. Our community is the perfect testing ground for introducing new ideas and doing market research.

Bound’s loyal and constantly growing community consists of readers, writers, podcast lovers and listeners, and other creators from diverse backgrounds, locations, age, and interests.

Organised across different channels and platforms, we offer curated access to our community for brands and individuals that want to.