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Bound’s founder Tara Khandelwal and Head of Mentorship Michelle D’Costa chat with India’s finest authors such as Avni Doshi, Amitav Ghosh, Sudha Murthy, Tony Joseph and find out what makes them tick. They decode the creative process and cover genres like history, literary fiction, nonfiction, business books, romance, crime, etc.

If you’ve always wanted to know about your favourite writers’ routines, where they get their ideas from, how they deal with rejection and more, then this podcast is for you. Listen to some of India’s most talented minds reveal their creative secrets!

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The Host :
Tara Khandelwal

Tara helps businesses scale faster through strategic content creation and audience building. She has built the company from the ground up to a fully-fledged content power house, and was the first to transform the creative skill-building economy in India by launching one of the country’s premier writing retreats as well as mentorships and training programs.

The Host :
Michelle D’Costa

Michelle is Bound’s most beloved and sought-after mentor and instructor. She has successfully curated, conducted, and facilitated classes for brands and writers based on her previous experience in HR. She has grown Bound’s popular mentorship program by developing a variety of free content resources, building outreach strategies, and designing impactful personalised curriculums

Catch the Books and Beyond episode where the Bound team chats with Chandrima about the process of creating and publishing her book, Young Blood.

The Team

Produced by : Aishwarya Javalgekar
Editing and soundtrack by : Kshitij Jadhav
Artwork by : Bound Team