rumors :

Travel across India through its and dark stories!

‘Rumors’ shines a light on the darkest corners of South Asia, where fact and fiction combine into magical and haunting stories. A soldier who still guards the borders decades after his death; an entire village dedicated to black magic; snakes that magically turn into people, and people who have been turned into Gods. This podcast brings to light stories of real people, places and creatures which are lost or warped over time. How did these stories come about? Why are they still around? How do they shape our culture and our sense of reality? Let’s uncover the story… behind the story! Who knows what waits in the dark.

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The Host :
Chandrima Das

Chandrima Das’s stories explore the blurry boundaries between truth and fear across formats, like books, audio and screen. After degrees from NIT Durgapur and IIM Calcutta and a decade-long career in management consulting, Chandrima switched to writing full-time. She was a 2021 SouthAsia Speaks fellow. Her debut collection ‘Young Blood’ was published by HarperCollins India and her audio series, ‘Twisted’ has been featured consistently on Audible India’s most popular listens.

Catch the Books and Beyond episode where the Bound team chats with Chandrima about the process of creating and publishing her book, ‘Young Blood’.

The Team

Produced by : Aishwarya Javalgekar

Editing and soundtrack by : Aditya Arya

Artwork by : Artisto Designz