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At BOUND, we give you the freedom to explore your interests and talents and take them to new heights. But it’s not just about a single experience - BOUND is about finding your creative family. We are bent on creating the next generation of artists, writers and entrepreneurs, and giving them a home in which they can hone their skills and find a family of kindred spirits.

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Want to complete your manuscript in 2020? We invite you to sign up for Bound...

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Writing Mentorship

Want to complete your manuscript in 2020? We invite you to sign up for Bound...

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Bound Testimonial

  • Thank you so much for the amazing session. It was really informative and helpful!
    Aashna Kapoor
  • I have new ideas that I want to write about and explore! This was a great session.
    Megha Nair
  • Thank you so much for the session! It was extremely insightful! 
    Vallaree Arya
  • I am so grateful to Tara for pointing me in the right direction at the crucial stages of writing my book. While working together, every time I read her notes, suggestions or advice, I remember thinking, ‘That makes perfect sense! I should do exactly what she says!’ And it always turned out to be a change for the better, making all the difference. Tara has given clarity and conciseness to my jumble of thoughts and it is with her help that I can show my work to the publishing world with some confidence. So again, I am very thankful!
    Susan George
    On Tara's editing services
  • This was really amazing and I never thought that there would be/ could be a session where someone could actually tell you about publishing. Most of the information was new for me now I actually know how I can go further and use other resources thanks so much Tara and Aishwarya. This workshop was a unique experience I had very little information about traditional publishing and other than the technicalities I really appreciate the part about the thought process of editors.
    Deepika Mishra
    Freelance Content Writer and Consultant
  • I found the workshop quite useful as I had no prior knowledge of how publishing works - the concept of query letters, importance of body of work, how publishers decide what to commission, etc. It’s great to get a sense of this from people working in the space. 
    Ila Reddy
    Content Writer and Nonprofit Consultant

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