Sea Horse

Set in Delhi, Seahorse has been termed as a coming-of-age novel which was shortlisted for the Hindu Prize 2015. The story follows the innocent Nem, a young and gullible student who moves to Delhi in the hopes of finding direction in his life. The answer to his question comes in the form of Nicholas, an art historian who becomes his mentor-and-lover. Pariat has managed to evocatively and erotically bring alive the the description of the lovers, their love, and their locale. All is well until Nicholas returns to London, although a gentle advent, it forms the most crucial plot of the story. Nem is heart-broken and his trauma is exhaustively captured until 10 years later he finds himself in London on an art fellowship. Upon his arrival, he is sent a clue by Nichloas, and the story then takes on a new narrative to discover and justify all the years of turbulence he had suffered.

Bound-marked for us.


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