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It doesn’t matter how
your content is if nobody knows about it.

At Bound, we believe in the importance of launching and promoting a podcast, a book, or a newsletter, the right way, so that it reaches the right audience and gets the visibility it deserves.

We create tailor-made promotional campaigns that fit your budget and which help audiences recognize and engage with the deeper topics and themes that your content covers.

With Bound’s platforms and touch-points — from 20k + Instagram followers, 10k + newsletter subscribers, podcasts with 2.5 million + listens, WhatsApp communities, to its leadership’s personal LinkedIn accounts — you can reach a loyal community of creators and voracious consumers of content.

Best suited for:

  • Individual creators who want support and visibility with results
  • Firms whose content audience matches Bound’s audience, and who seek fast, loyal, and intense engagement in a deeply engaged, well curated space
  • Brands who want access to young, intelligent, and active readers, listeners, and producers across India.
A successful product needs a solid launch and scale strategy. Through a 4 hour workshop, Bound creates detailed strategy paper — fully customized to fit your content format, budget, and launch / scale / business targets — and gives you a clear roadmap ahead.
We help you identify and connect with relevant platforms, media outlets, and marketing channels; coordinate with in-house teams or third-party vendors; and streamline your processes to maximize output and efficient collaboration.
We can also help you coordinate with outside platforms, vendors, and partners like PR agencies to reach the desired targets.

Best suited for:

  • Creators who want to map out their launch and scale plan to optimise results
  • Larger companies who need a launch or growth strategy, which their in-house team can then execute
  • Start-ups who are about to launch content or user-based products, and need a solid plan to show their (potential) investors

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Number 1 Editorial Team

As one of India’s best editorial teams and with more than a decade of hands-on experience, we know exactly what publishers look for, and how to get a manuscript to the best level of quality, readability, and narrative edge.
Our clients range from first-time-writers to established authors, combined by the love for one thing: great, impactful storytelling!
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At Bound, we believe that a good plan saves you time, effort, and money. Our experience in working with more than 5,000 creators has taught us to never underestimate the power of mapping out scenarios to gain maximum visibility, engagement, eyeballs, or downloads before you start designing posts, or writing articles. In a first step, our strategy paper supports you in defining your clear content project’s KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), so you know what ‘success’ looks like in terms of numbers or milestones. We then analyse and build out a clear action plan so you can reach your goals in the most impactful manner, without losing focus, wasting time, or overspending budgets.

With years of experience in successfully marketing books, and our deep understanding of reader communities across India, Bound is able to start a meaningful conversation around your book that will engage readers on a much deeper level. Our teams are able to cull out the specifics of your book and create a story around them. In addition, Bound’s leadership consists of curators and tastemakers who pull an audience simply by a recommendation, e.g., on their individual platforms and channels.

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