Content strategy

A clear strategy saves you time, effort,
and a lot of money.

The world is full of great ideas…
but very few translate to successful

At Bound, we believe in the power of creating strong concept blueprints across formats at the beginning of each project. With this step, we ensure that your content is 100% unique, gets produced in the format best suited to reach your business goals, and fits your timeline, audience, and budget.

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Content Strategy &
Concept Development

Based on Bound’s vast experience in storytelling, creating original content that tops charts and turns into bestsellers, and editorial work, we know how to turn ideas into final products that stand the test of time.

Do you have an idea about a book, a newsletter, or a podcast, but don’t know what to do next? We transform your ideas into a fully-fleshed out, actionable, well-researched, and marketable concept, and help you create an execution plan as well. Through a series of 3 workshops, we combine our storytelling expertise and knowledge about the creative industries with insights on trends, consumer and audience behaviour, and competitive analysis, to find an exciting gap in the content space. You will be able to see if our idea fits into your larger strategy and intended growth plans for your brand or business.

The result: A detailed blueprint on the way forward.

For whom is this relevant?

  • For individuals who want to flesh out their content ideas
  • For individuals and businesses who want to identify the best format for their ideas
  • For businesses who want invest in strategic content creation

With years of experience, strong editorial instincts, and a long list of chart-topping Originals.

Bound’s expert teams have years of experience, strong editorial instincts, and a long list of chart-topping Originals. They are able to identify market gaps, and fill them with an array of entertaining, unique, and best-selling concepts across subjects, genres, and audiences. In addition, Bound’s highly curated pool of 50,000 writers, podcasters, producers, and other creators across India allows us to scout the right stories and talent for your platform’s content needs.
The result: A detailed, well-rounded, and unique concept pitch that will cover your show or book outline(e.g., number of chapters or episodes), and connect to your desired audience
For whom is this relevant?
  • For content platforms who want to build strong IPs at a large scale
  • For companies who want fresh and original ideas
Are you having trouble hiring and managing content teams? Do you need someone to help you strategize on a regular basis, or guide you through the big and small decisions that go into consistently putting out content and building communities? Bound’s Expert Consulting is the perfect solution or you. In dedicated one-time-sessions with Bound’s experts, or regular calls as part of a monthly retainer.
Our team will support you in sharpening your narrative edge and brand positioning, and also help you execute it. We offer two options for you to choose from:
  • One-time-sessions with Bound’s experts
  • Regular calls as part of a monthly retainer

The result: Clear, stress-free, and focused content creation.

For whom is this relevant?

  • For businesses who need frequent and consistent consulting to better their creation processes and teams.
  • For individuals, small brands or business owners who need the space to strategize and brainstorm with an expert
  • For companies who want fresh and original ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Bound guarantees the discrete handling of your manuscript. Your content is not shared with any other team member or outside personnel, expect for the writer that works with you. All project-relevant working files (e.g., feedback versions of your drafts) are stored securely within the Bound’s IT system and will be deleted post the completion of the project. Our service contract includes an NDA.

Bound has access to a pool of experienced writers who have gone through a rigorous vetting process spearheaded by our team. We will find the best writer for you based on your subject, genre, and style.
Yes, we have a weekly check in process where you, the writer, and team Bound will be constant touch to ensure timely and consistent feedback.

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