The Cosmopolitan

The novel tells the tale of Qayenaat, a vivacious individual born smack in the middle of two sets of time and ideals. The Nehruvian idealism and the superlicious years of the post-liberliastion years, with the Bangalore art-world as back-drop. The books traverses between opposites- from class to crass, from art to tart and gives the author the credo of an urban novelist. While you are out traipsing this land with the author, is when the unexpected twist will hit you right in the face. While most authors would flail under such a ambitious move, Hassan, has managed not only to remain steady but elevate the story further from an urban setting to a more peaceful and pastoral locale’. The change is characterised by more uncertainity with struggles, wavering characters, and misgivings. The book is intense and cleverly worded with wit, and makes for a very engaging read. No, a must-read.


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