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At BOUND, we give you the freedom to explore your interests and talents and take them to new heights. But it’s not just about a single experience - BOUND is about finding your creative family. We are bent on creating the next generation of artists, writers and entrepreneurs, and giving them a home in which they can hone their skills and find a family of kindred spirits.

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Online Classes

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Bound Writing Mentorship Program

Want to complete your manuscript in 2019? We invite you to sign up for Bound...

Bound Writers’ Retreat March 2020

Twelve writers come together in Divar Island, Goa for an immersive writers’ r...

Manuscript Evaluation

Craft-focused critiques for complete manuscripts, short stories, and unfinish...


Bound Testimonial

  • “Pervin has been very kind and supportive in helping me with pushing my ideas into a definite form. The exercises and prompts she has given me have been really amazing, pushing  me to develop my craft. It has been a pleasure learning from her.”
    Mehak Goyal
  • “Thanks to Bound's Writing Mentorship Program, I now have a manuscript much closer to completion than it was three months ago. My mentor Tara gave me feedback every week, and encouraged me even in the "bad" weeks. She treated my story like her own, and helped me figure out where I could do better. I now have a manuscript that is coherent, exciting and fun, along with much more confidence in my writing skills! :-)”
    Rohini Kapur Alva
  • “For me, the Bound program was life altering. I had been struggling to write more than a few pages for months, and then, Tara’s gentle tutelage nurtured the author in me into writing my entire manuscript. Tara’s insights were on point and her suggestions offered a gentle nudge towards the ‘better option” in scenarios presented by me. She is a great editor and has the patience to wait for you to evolve. I would highly recommend the mentorship to budding & established writers.”
    Madhu Singh Sirohi
    Children’s and YA Fiction author
  • “This program for me was like a shot of rain in the middle of summer. My second book had been languishing for close to a year, and this came at the right time to help me pick up the thread again. I wrote over 20k words in three months, and I liked how it came at a steady pace of a chapter a week. The weekly calls with Tara and her reactions to the submissions were crucial to help maintain my pace without hindering it, and her detailed written edits at the end of the program invaluable in helping me shape this into a manuscript worth sending out into the world. I am, of course, deeply grateful for this opportunity and habit-forming experience, and would highly recommend this to anyone - whether it is your first book or your fifth - because this program gives you the thing that makes this lonely journey of a writer possible: a warm, honest, professional, empathetic reader.”
    Praveena Shivram
    Editor in Chief, Arts Illustrated
  • “Writers in Mumbai, do attend. This workshop helped me tremendously. There are many writing workshops in the city, but none for editing.”
    Rohini Kapur
  • “It has been a refreshing experience to work with Tara. Her calm and composed demeanour with great listening, grasping and research skills was particularly valuable. Tara continues to be engaged with this project which is in its final stages. I would like to specifically say that it would not have been possible for me to get it to this stage without her commitment and support. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a great project partner and leader.”
    Raju Shete

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