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Your Creative Family

At BOUND, we give you the freedom to explore your interests and talents and take them to new heights. But it’s not just about a single experience - BOUND is about finding your creative family. We are bent on creating the next generation of artists, writers and entrepreneurs, and giving them a home in which they can hone their skills and find a family of kindred spirits.

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Bound Writing Mentorship Program

Want to complete your manuscript in 2019? We invite you to sign...

Book Editing Workshop

Get your manuscript ready for publication. Sign up for a four hour...

BOUND presents “Fashion Writing with Kayaan”

Breathe life into fashion during BOUND’s two day workshop, designed to allow...

Bound Writers’ Retreat

Twelve writers come together in Divar Island, Goa for an immersive writers’...


Bound Testimonial

  • Kindered souls, interesting conversations and wonderful mentors. Bound Writers Retreat was a perfect amalgamation of everything one would expect from a retreat and more. If you are looking to recharge and find inspiration to write that novel you have always been wanting to write, this would be a great place to start.
    Sandeep Narayanan
  • Bound as a retreat is something I want to come back to year-after-year. It is my safe haven to write, and to learn. It is my family, and my tribe that I have searched for for years. It made us all feel that we are all here together.
    Aparna Sanyal
  • I  want to thank you for setting up the space that is Bound. I feel far more confident about my writing, now that it’s been vetted by a group of most excellent writers. 
    Lavanya Lakshminarayan
  • This is the second retreat I am attending by the organisers so far, and it has been fabulous. That is because I have come and grown her as a writer. The line up of authors and mentors have been fantastic.
    Usha Venkatraman
  • The retreat was a wonderful experience of immersing myself in my writing, getting inspired by not just the mentors but also fellow writers and learning from the workshop sessions (character development, components of creative work etc). 
    Dinesh Kaulgud
  • “Bound was a coin-flip decision for me, and it happens to be one of my best. I only realize now as I pen this down that I really do not know what made the experience so enriching. I do know for sure that Bound was a warm and encouraging environment that fuelled my creativity.”
    Aparna Krishnamurthy

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