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The hunt for talent in the workplace is an ongoing challenge, and thus, attracting, motivating, and retaining employees has become a high priority for many companies. As a leader in the global pharma industry, Bharat Serums and Vaccines (BSV) has understood the opportunities a well-produced podcast can offer to efficiently onboard new employees, increase overall engagement, and keep different teams updated on strategic directions and news straight from its leadership.

Conceptualised and hosted by BSV’s CEO and Managing Director, Sanjiv Navangul, ‘BSV Live’, interviews BSV’s top employees about their journey, performance mantras, aspirations and learnings in crisp 5-10 minute long episodes that are released on a weekly basis. From the release of the first episode, ‘BSV Live’ is a great success with the company’s many employees, as it not only provides direct emotional connect to Mr. Nayangul himself, but also offers a fun and joyful way to engage with the brand’s values.

Bound provided BSV’s team with end-to-end support in outlining the podcast’s content and marketing strategy, guiding the overall scripting process, organising and advising on the recording at the client’s office, supporting the post production process, as well as designing all cover artwork, thumbnails, and mailers.

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“Bound’s creative writing class for children at Mastree was extremely enjoyable for kids and well-received by parents. The instructor, Michelle D’costa’s enthusiasm and passion for storytelling kept the young audience engaged throughout. Children showed active participation and had many takeaways from the interactive session. Bound proved to be a perfect choice for tickling the young curious minds.”

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