- IIM Kashipur

Covid-19 has brought many changes to the world, and India is no exception. In this context, IIM Kashipur approached Bound to analyse the findings of a primary research done on the impact of homestay owners in Uttarakhand due to the Pandemic. While many of the interviewed owners were first time entrepreneurs, their age, motivations, goals, and overall intentions varied across many factors.

Team Bound read, categorized, and analysed hundreds of hours of interview recordings and transcripts to further decode and reveal returning communication and behaviour patterns. As a result, all interviewed homeowners could be separated into three distinct categories. Bound further compiled all findings into a report which then was supplemented by secondary research.

What have to say

“Thanks a lot for working so hard on this assignment. The outcome is simply fantastic, as was expected.”

Safal Batra,

Professor and Director of FIED at IIM Kashipur

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