Sonia Bahl

For her second book, ‘A Year of Wednesdays‘, Singapore-based author Sonia Bahl approached team Bound to create a detailed marketing plan in order to reach a wider audience in India, and to further strengthen her own positioning as a fiction writer.

Over 3 months, Bound exclusively engaged its loyal community of readers and creatives in India, Singapore, and other relevant diaspora regions, to attract visibility and engagement via social media campaigns, dedicated newsletters, and mentions in Bound’s hit podcasts and magazine. Further, Bound approached followers of its partner IIF (India Film Project) and former participants of its in-house screenwriting classes to read and interact with ‘A Year of Wednesdays’. The outcome: A best-selling book, and a happy author!

With years of experience and expertise in marketing books, Bound designs customised content marketing strategies in order to attract, engage, and retain your desired target audience in an impactful manner.

What have to say

“Working with Bound was an absolute pleasure. The team is made up of professionals who truly love and understand books. I’ve had interactive sessions with the team, they took great pains to understand the books, the background, and the author. What I appreciate most is the terrific energy all of them bring to every interaction.”

Riddhi Shah,

Product Manager

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