Susegad Stories From Goa

that showcases the many facets of Goa!

‘Susegad Stories From Goa’ goes beyond Goa’s beaches and uncovers its unique culture and lifestyle. Clyde D’Souza chats with Goan influencers and changemakers like Varun Hegde (founder of Soul Travelling), Heta Pandit (heritage home expert) and Sonia Filinto (filmmaker) who are actively working to preserve and celebrate Goan culture. This podcast combines depth with Goa’s trademark joy factor to bring you the ultimate holiday experience even when you’re not in Goa!

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The Host :
Clyde D’Souza

Clyde D’Souza is a bestselling author, TV producer and a multi-platform creative suit with 13+ years of experience in TV, print, and digital media. He is currently the Vice President of ShowBox at In10 Media and has previously worked at JAM, MTV and 9X Media. His latest bestselling book, ‘Susegad: The Goan Art Of Contentment’, captures Goa through interviews,
short stories, recipes and pictures. It has been featured in GQ’s Top 10 Nonfiction books and is #12 in lifestyle, #17 in self-help and #26 in travel books in India. He lives between Mumbai and Goa and enjoys the Susegad lifestyle every day!

Catch the Books and Beyond episode where Tara and Michelle chat with Clyde about
the process of creating and publishing his book, Susegad.

The Team

Produced by : Aishwarya Javalgekar

Editing and soundtrack by : Aditya Arya

Edited by : Kshitij Jadhav

Artwork by : Artisto Designz