let your thoughts flow we will handle the rest

We at Bound equip you to tell your stories and write them in most effective way while we work on ensuring those stories reach the right audience in right time.

-Tara Khandelwal, Founder

Book Marketing

You've done the heavy lifting - you wrote and got your book published. Bound will get audience for your book while you write another masterpiece. Connect with us to find out more about our marketing packages.

Writing Coach

We handhold writers through every stage of the writing process through consistent editorial reviews and meetings.We make ourselves available to our writers from the ideation stage to the point where they are ready to pitch their work.Our writers' pieces are as much our babies as they are theirs!

Cultural Events

We help to create, conceptualise and market culturalevents. We have organised book launches, book clubs, workshops andcreateprograms in different formats that are educational, accessible and unique. If you are a creator who wants to collaborate, drop us a line.

Content Consulting

We help companies create compelling, efficient and engaging content for their websites and social media pages and also work with artists, non-profits and social enterprises. We make sure your content reach its audience in effective way.

Structural Edit

This is an in-depth version of the manuscript review: We will give you notes on how to make sure your story comes together in the most effective way possible. We will provide feedback on plot, structure of paragraphs, character, transitions, dialogue and narrative flow. The goal is to make sure your piece holds the attention of your reader, and to help you produce the highest quality of work you can.

Line Edit

We will go through the building blocks of your book: sentences. We will go through each line of your book to make sure you are conveying your thoughts in the best way you can. The goal is to ensure your writing flows, is concise, coherent and is pleasurable to read.

Proposal Edit

Have a great idea? Want to pitch to a publication or a publishing house. Or do you need help applying for a grant for an exciting new project? We will help you line-edit your proposal, strengthen the concept of your pitch, help define your market and structure your chapter outlines. The goal is to grab your reader’s attention, and convey your ideas in the most structured, coherent, and interesting way possible.

Manuscript Review

We will provide broad feedback on your manuscript. This includes general feedback on the themes of the book, feedback on the piece’s structure, voice and narrative. This is meant to be a starting point from which you can re-write and edit your work.