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After long hours of hard work accompanied by sweat and tears in the hope that your content will soon see the light of day, you are finally ready with your story or script. We find the right homes for stories we personally believe in.

Present your idea – and yourself – in
the best way possible.

Approaching publishers, production houses, or agents, and discussing contracts, rights, and financials can be a scary endeavour for creators. We help strengthen your pitch documents and strategies, and guide you towards the right platforms or publishers for your work.
This is crucial for content creators with a final script who are looking to get their story out in the world. Bound helps you create a short and effective pitch that showcases you, your idea and its potential in the best light. Along with written feedback on your pitch and sample chapters/ episode, we guide you on the best approach and organizations for your pitch in an hour–long personalized video session with one of our expert editors.

Output: A concept pitch and synopsis, a creator bio, and a report on your sample chapters or episode outlines. And a clear roadmap for the way ahead.

Send us your concept note, synopsis , bio, and 3 sample chapters or episode scripts.

We guide you on the best approach and organizations for your pitch in an hour–long personalized video session with one of our expert editors.

As people consume more and more video content, producers are on the hunt for good stories and books that can be adapted to the screen.
Bound helps writers turn their published books and unpublished manuscripts into compelling pitch bibles. This includes a story synopsis, main characters, themes, visual references, and potential for screen.

Next step: Start reaching out to producers and agents with your pitch!

Download a sample pitch bible here

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  • Select literary agents who are looking to represent upcoming writers
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  • Digital platforms for writers
    • Select book-to-screen agents
    • Select producers looking for great scripts for video and OTT platforms
    • Audio platforms looking for fiction and concepts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bound does not guarantee 100% placement. The industry is constantly evolving, and content, as well as the strategic demand for particular genres by publishing houses and OTT platforms, is subjective. A final placement depends on whether the story fits into the overall market demand and tastes of particular stakeholders.

We are content experts, not lawyers… so no, we will not involve ourselves in negotiating your contract with you and the publisher and platform. We will, however, give you guidance about industry standards, and help you connect to legal experts, if required.

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