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- Unacademy

As one of India’s largest online learning platforms, Unacademy approached Bound to conceptualise, design, and teach a “Creative Writing” masterclass for children. The class was embedded in the country’s first 3-in-1 English skills program that helps kids to master the art of communication from distinguished experts.

Based on detailed and content-driven discussions about the desired impact, take-aways, and teaching style of the “Creative Writing” class, the teams of Unacademy and Bound together arrived at a final curriculum. With over 300 registrations and 100% retention rate, the class was a full success – and it was great fun, too! We can’t wait to teach the next one.

What have to say

“Bound’s creative writing class for children at Mastree was extremely enjoyable for kids and well-received by parents. The instructor, Michelle D’costa’s enthusiasm and passion for storytelling kept the young audience engaged throughout. Children showed active participation and had many takeaways from the interactive session. Bound proved to be a perfect choice for tickling the young curious minds.”

Shubhra Sharma,


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