Our work

Thought Leadership IP

The idea was to reach early stage founders and leaders and demystify the process of building a business and brand from the ground up.

Employer Branding Podcast

The hunt for talent in the workplace is an ongoing challenge, and thus, attracting, motivating, and retaining employees has become a high priority for many companies.

Influencer Campaign

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee while enjoying a great read?

Podcast Advertising

In times of Tinder, Grinder, and Bumble, we are happy to announce that some relationships do last forever!


As one of India’s largest online learning platforms, Unacademy approached Bound to conceptualise, design, and teach a “Creative Writing” masterclass for children.

Immersive Event Curation

Bound had a successful collaboration with the renowned Kala Ghoda Festival in February 2023 in Mumbai.

Content Development and Script Writing

Content is king – and with a new average of more than 10 hours daily time spent consuming content (including phone, TV, and other forms of digital media) in 2022, OTT platforms are in regular need for good ideas and impactful narratives

Research report

Covid-19 has brought many changes to the world, and India is now exception.

Script Writing and Language Services

Pocket FM, India’s leading personalized streaming service with an audio-first approach, approached Bound to support in language-related services for a variety of shows targeting US audiences.

Cross Format IP Creation

‘Brand Excavations’ unearths the real stories behind India’s most iconic brands like Thumbs Up, Royal Enfield, Haldiram, and Maggi.

Book Edit and Podcast Creation

As one of India’s leading storytellers, Chandrima Das creates content across formats for audio, print, and screen.

Manuscript Evaluation and Pitching

Lavanya Lakshminarayan is the best-selling author of the short story collection “Analog/ Virtual and Other Simulations of Your Future”

Book Marketing

For her second book, “A Year of Wednesdays” Singapore-based author Sonia Bahl approached team Bound to create a detailed marketing plan in order to reach a wider audience in India, and to further strengthen her own positioning as a fiction writer.

Business Book Creation